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Sunday, June 13, 2010


We've made the trip across the border from Switzerland to Italy this week to race the final round of the Italian International MTB race series the Internazionali d'Italia Adamello XC Bike Vermiglio.

We have been staying in the Trentino region of Italy in an area called Val di Sole (valley of the sun), calling the Sport Hotel Rossati in Dimaro home for the past few days. Its a bit of an upgrade from our last accommodation and we are having a lot of fun here. The swimming pool has been getting plenty of use and the buffet dinner and breakfast are just the thing to keep us going with all the calories we have been burning while training in the mountains around the valley.

Home for the past few days, note the weather.

The Swimming Pool.


The weathers been really good since we got here although the afternoons are almost to hot and it feels like you are going to get fried by the sun every time you step outside. So the pool has come in very handy and offers welcome relief from the intense heat. I guess they don't call it Valley of the Sun for nothing.

Shuttle runs.

We have been doing a lot of riding this week and its perfect training if you want to improve your climbing, it's very hard to get a flat ride in around here. We have even been doing some downhill shuttle runs in the afternoons as skill training making use of some of the great single track descents in the area.

We are all still suffering the effects of the flu which is a bit annoying. But I think I have solved part of the problem. Today I decided to try using some nose strips to improve my breathing while riding and I was surprised to find that they actually worked pretty well. Should be just the thing for the race tomorrow.

New secret weapon.

We have checked out the course a couple of times this week and it will be a good one. Its almost the same as when I rode this same race back in 2008 as a junior before World champs that year.
Its got a couple of short but very steep climbs and the main single track descent is quite tricky, steep rocky and some steps chucked in for good measure.
I will let you know how we get on in the race. Look out for another update soon.



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