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Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Days in Switzerland

After our super long trip from NZ it was good to finally arrive here in Switzerland. For the first few days we are staying right at the top of Switzerland in Schaffhausen with the Homberger family who have kindly given us a place to stay and have been a great help.

Day one was pretty tough with the Jet lag taking its toll but we got a nice easy ride in and today I felt a lot better. We've spent a bit of time having a look a round Schaffhausen and had a good ride in the forests behind town which are full of small forest roads and trails, great places to ride bikes.

Being in Switzerland we have had to try the Swiss Chocolate and its fair to say it more than lives up to its reputation, I will definitely be bringing some home at the end of the trip.
More soon,
Catch you later.

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