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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Honk Kong In Transit

Heres a few photos from our trip to Switzerland. 12 hours from Auckland to Hong kong, 16 hours waiting for our next flight and then 13 hours to Switzerland. One of the longest days in my life, good times. Yeah right. With 16 hours in Hong Kong we had plenty of time to kill. So we took a train from the airport into Hong Kong City and had a bit of a look at the sights and sounds.


Down Town Hong,
Mixing with the locals in the streets.
Down at the water front we watched some of the local fishermen doing there best to diminish the local fish population. They were getting plenty and it was action packed stuff.
It was good to see a really big City in action, some of the high rise buildings were impressive, they were so tall that you couldn't see there tops because of the smoggy cloud and although we were there early in the morning the number of people around the place gave an idea of how small New Zealand really is.
There was litter every where especially in the sea, we watched boats drive round so that people with long nets could scoop up the rubbish floating in the water. It wasn't a good look and didn't give us a good impression of the place. Then high humidity levels and the air pollution were also pretty unpleasant and after half a day walking around we go a bit sick of the concrete jungle and were glad to escape back to the air conditioned airport to wait out our next flight.

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