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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Down South

Since the Bluff race on the 6th I have stayed down in the South island on a training camp with the team, training hard making the most of what the deep south has to offer in the way of riding.

First up we spent a few days in Dunedin where we caught up with kashi Leuchs. It was great to talk with him about the season ahead and we picked up a lot of valuable advice. We also managed to rope Tom Bradshaw in to act as tour guide showing us some of Dunedins best trails and despite the threatening forecasts the weather was surprisingly kind.

Over the last week we have been living it up in Queenstown, based out of Glenorchy. The riding has been amazing and the climbing miles have been stacking up after some pretty epic days in the mountains. The trails are so different compared to back home in Rotorua and the skills have been getting a good work out. Riding out of the comfort zone has been a good way to speed up the adjustment process to the new Super Fly and I am really enjoying pushing the pace now that I’ve got the hang of it.


We have a few more days left in the South with a busy schedule of riding and a race in Nelson before we head back home on Monday.

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